Lemmy of Motörhead – Interview @ Brighton Center, Brighton, November 28 2010

We talk to the one and only Mr Lemmy Kilminster about his love of rock & roll, Hawkwind, his love of punk rock & Nirvana, and why humans can learn a lot from the ants... but for now, "You can love the individual, but you can't love the race... we're arrogant bastards. We're like a dose of crabs"

Interview conducted by Ben Graham. Produced, filmed and edited by Loud Pixels Live: Marc Broussely Jim Shreim Keith Craig www.thequietus.com www.loudpixelslive.net Motörhead new album “The Wörld is yours” out Jan 17th 2011 Lemmy The Movie released on DVD 24 Jan. 2011 This interview was released on The Quietus (www.thequietus.com) on Thursday December 9th 2010.